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India Hair Vendor From Chennai India


Hair Boutique India is the leading Raw Indian Human Hair Extensions Manufacturer and Supplier From India with our factory in Chennai, India.

Established in 1970s as a small scale cottage business in Chennai supplying human hair procured from Indian temples. Now, we are the third generation of our family involved in the hair business dealing human hair procurement, hair extension manufacturing and sales.

With all the expertise and skill in hair industry, we decided to create our own brand and export the best quality human hair extensions to the international customers direct from India. This is how was launched in 2012. With the backing of hair industry expertise, advancement in technology and contemporary leadership, we'll continue to be the leading wholesale human hair extensions manufacturer/vendor/supplier from India.

We procure only virgin human hair taken from single donor and our hair filter team verifies & filters them to ensure our promise Natural Virgin Hair.

Our manufacturing team uses indigenous techniques to give a clean, hygienic and ready to use hair extensions preserving the originality. Customers can purchase virgin hairs of all type (curly, straight and wavy) which can be used as is / customised per need.

Hair Boutique India has taken utmost care of the hair from the day its shaved off till the day its shipped. We spend more effort and resource with our research team and what you see as products in Hair Boutique India are result of those. Our products are outcome of our family heritage combined with the revolutionary research.

Hair Boutique India - Wholesale Human Hair Extensions Factory

This company is created with one thought in our mind

Raw Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair Extensions at the Best Price”.



Country/Territory: India

Registered Address: 300/1, Thiruneermalai Road, Chrompet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India Zip: 600044

Legal Form: Business Entity | Manufacturing

Registration No.: 330031115681

Issuing Authority: Department of Industries and Commerce , Government Of Tamil Nadu, A state of India.

Supply Ability: 1200 KG Per Week

Hair Origin: Indian Temple


  • What is remy hair? Do you sell them?
    Remy is when all of the hair strands are strictly organised with the roots in one direction and the tip to the opposite end. Since all our hair is procured from Indian Temple, we tie off the hair once it's shaved off. This makes sure the hair strands doesn't mix up.
  • What is Virgin Hair? Do you sell them?
    Uncoloured/Ualtered human hair in it's raw and pure form is virgin hair. We do handpick only virgin hair post procurement and send them for further processing. Any bundle from our factory is 100% Remy VIrgin.
  • What is Raw Indian Hair? Is Raw Indian Hair the best hair in the world?
    Raw Indian Hair is a marketing term given for temple hair which has unidirectional cuticles and is in the purest color and texture - not altered by chemicals. It is technically same as Remy Hair - Unidrectional Cuticles and Virgin Hair - Natural form of hair with no color or texture change using chemicals. However lot of people have misinterpreted the meaning of remy, virign and raw over the years. Confusions aside, what you buy from Hair Boutique India is the purest form of hair with unidirectional cuticles and natural hair in it's purest form from south Indian temple origin.
  • How to place an order?
    Let us know your order - Length, Texture and Number of bundles so that we can send an invoice. You can send the order info through whatsapp +919840222968 or direct email to Refer below the order flow
  • How long does the shipping take?
    Usual lead time is 6 to 9 business days. However it varies with weather, demand and stock. We will keep you updated on the lead time and order progress through email. Sample orders will be shipped in 3 to 5 business days.
  • Why do we have so much differences in hair prices across companies?
    Every company has its own technique to provide cheap hair. Few companies mix hair bundles with synthetic/non remy hair/ short length hair to reduce the cost. We have seen companies who process animal hair and sell it as hair extensions. But we at Hair Boutique India are always conscious about the quality of hair. We procure hair from one source - Indian Temples. And so there is no possibility of mix and match. Like every industry, good product comes at a cost.
  • I am starting up my hair business. What assistances do you provide?
    We at Hair Boutique India are glad to work with startups and help them for the mutual growth. We have a track record of converting many strartups into big businesses. People who started with 3 KG now trade 100 KG per month. This is because of the individual care we provide to every single customer of us. We spend ample time in understanding your business needs and that's the key.
  • Do you make colored hair?
    Yes we do make. Minimum order quantity for colored hair is different and the usual lead times are not applicable. You may contact us for more details.
  • Hair Care Instructions?
    Since all our products are manufactured from the Human Hair, any salon grade shampoo/conditioner/serum should work. Do not use acids/neutralising chemicals. Oven Drying/ Applying heat for drying would eventually damage the cuticles. Just air dry post washing.
  • What is Vietnamese Hair / Cambodian Hair / Brazilian Hair? Do you Import Hair from those countries?
    We exported human hair to Brazil once which was then processed and rebranded as Brazilian Hair. We do no import from Brazil or from any other country. We source only Temple Hair from India. Vietnamese and Cambodian Hair is simply a marketing term. India is the only source for both temple hair and the cheap balled hair.
  • Where do you procure the hair from?
    We source our hair from various temples across South India. And the temples are legally auctioned by our factory.
Human Hair Vendor


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