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Relax!!! Analyse and Find out the right hair supplier

Every business has a demand and the key to success lies in unlocking the demand and finding the right supply to fulfil the demand. If your demand is hair extensions, further drill down to the quality of interest. If the demand is towards cheap not so good hair extensions, your choices are a plenty. If the demand is great hair at affordable price; welcome - you have a sea of challenges to conquer.


You may come across hundreds of websites while searching for a hair company in India. And the very first step is to eliminate the spammers. And this step is relatively simple.

Please spend some time on the website to identify the real vs copied content. If still in doubt do contact them and see through the email responses/telephonic conversations to determine if it is a legitimate company.


And the next step is difficult - The company may not be a spammer but will they send quality hair for the money spent?

Beware of steep discounts. A lot of companies do mix non-remy hair with the order and the ratio of it depends on the negotiated discount.

We are not saying you should never negotiate. It's your right as a customer to negotiate. But you've to understand the difference and choose someone who speaks the truth.

We do understand the competition is severe and you need better pricing to pull customers. But Hair Extensions are not a one time purchase. Happy customers do come back to you. And for a sustainable business with mutual benefit, the responsibility lies with us.

Our suggestion is to do ample research and then decide the company of your choice. The time and energy you spend here is an investment.

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