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Our online hair store is for stylists & entrepreneurs who intend to purchase wholesale for their business / upcoming hair companies.


This is a steamed texture. Raw curly hair is subjected to steaming to acheive this bouncy curly texture. No chemicals are used in the process. If you wish to buy curly with no steaming, please choose our coarse curly texture.

Raw Indian Hair Curly Bundles

  • Weight Per Bundle: 100 Gram / 3.5 oz​

    Total Number of Bundles: 3

    ​Type: Machine Weft Hair Weave

    ​Origin Country: India

    ​Product: Indian Hair

    ​Material: 100% Human Hair

    ​Grade: Temple Hair of South India

    ​Colour: Virgin Natural

    • Order will be shipped to the address mentioned in your PayPal account and a tracking reference will be provided post shipment.
    • Shipping Lead time is 3 to 9 business days. However if the order is ready before the lead time, it will be shipped. Also the lead time may vary due to weather/demand. We will keep you updated through email.
    • This being a natural product, the texture and color may not be an exact match between bundles.
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